What Is IOL?

Intra Ocular lens (IOL) is a tiny transparent convex lens to replace the cloudy cataractous lens in the eye. It is made of different materials like PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, a harmless plastic substance), Silicon & Acrylic (Hydrophillic & Hydrophobic). Unlike contact lens, an IOL stays permanently in the eye and does not cause irritation. A foldable IOL is inserted into the eye through a device called IOL Injector through a small incision of 2-3 mm dimension.

At Drishti Eye Centre we use the best quality Foldable Imported IOL’s of reputed multinational companies.

Advantages of IOL:-

Since the lens is placed inside the eye, most patients do not need glasses for clear distance vision. But patient has to wear reading glasses for near and intermediate vision tasks.

  • Images are clear and of the same dimension without distortion.

  • Full vision returns quickly.

  • Normal field of vision.